U.S. Veterans as Emerging Entrepreneurs: Self-Efficacy, Intentions & Challenges

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship Vol. 25, No. 02, 2050012 (2020)


Veterans may acquire technical skills and leadership ability from their military service but have little information concerning specific entrepreneurial tasks, such as developing a business plan. This descriptive survey study examines avenues for veterans to find assistance to acquire needed skills, adding to their entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

We surveyed 68 U.S. veterans who were emerging entrepreneurs, either owning their own business or indicating they intended to start their own company. Veterans’ personal attitudes and beliefs, including entrepreneurial self-efficacy, risk propensity and tolerance of ambiguity, may increase their entrepreneurial intentions. A model of veterans as emerging entrepreneurs and five propositions are offered.


#Veterans #riskpropensity #self-efficacy #ambiguity #entrepreneurialintentions


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